The dividing line

So I’m back in the People’s Republic of Mt. Airy, sitting in the waiting room of the massage therapist’s office. This young guy comes in for an acupuncture appointment, and I hear him tell the receptionist he teaches 9th grade biology.

When he sits down across from me, I ask: “Where do you teach?” He mentions an exclusive prep school. I forget exactly how the topic comes up, but he starts talking about how the Republicans are keeping Obama from accomplishing anything.

“Really?” I say. “It’s funny, isn’t it? When the Democrats control both houses, the Republicans control everything, and when the Republicans control one house, they control everything. Do you ever think about that?”

He looked at me like I was a crazy person. But I’m learning. The people who still have jobs, whose lives are not directly affected by this depression, those people still think Obama’s doing the best possible job he can.

So I did something I rarely do: I saved my breath.

3 thoughts on “The dividing line

  1. 95 Democrats in the House (50%) and 45 Democrats in the Senate (90%) came forward, as if drawn by an invisible hand, to pass the bill which the Republican leaders could not pass on their own. And they got NOTHING out of it for their side. Not the FAA extension, not unemployment, not a Post Office saved from closure, NOTHING.

    So who is working against who in this situation? Does it really matter any more?

  2. Congrats, Obama, on yet another own goal!

    But, dang, why not make the Repubs work for their goals instead of just giving them to them?

  3. you’re the idiot jimmy dean.
    and for the record, susie isn’t “sucking that gubmint teat.”
    crawl back into your hole.

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