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  1. Ho hum. Just another day in America. I already decided I won’t be voting this year. There’s nobody who is even close to representing me, so there’s nobody to vote for.

  2. These people do not care about the good of the country. They are just scared that Mr Obama will be defeated and they will lose their jobs and their prestige that comes from being connected. They want everybody to quit complaining in public and to shut up so the Democrats can present themselves as a big happy family. They want nobody to openly criticize or show the flaws in their approach to the government.

    As far as they are concerned we are just the bratty kids who are embarrassing Daddy in front of his boss and the neighbors we all want to impress.

    If they don’t want my vote, fine. They have made it clear that I am not important and that they are willing to hurt me to please other people. That is their strategy, and they can win or lose with it without me, no matter who is on the other side. He can take care of himself, and I will take care of myself. The Obama administration is sure as hell not going to do anything for me

  3. Susie, I think many of these Democratic Party political “professionals” were groomed, early in their careers, by the DLC. That is why they have such contempt for “The Base.” Progressives and liberals have *ALWAYS* been their opponents, in Bruce Reed’s attempt to drag the party to the right. That is why they pushed for a Democratic super primary in the 1980s, and why it focused on the South: the most conservative part of the country. That is why they sold $100,000 memberships to corporations, to guarantee political “access,” while channelling those high-dollar contributions to candidates. The whole point was to sever the elected leadership’s historically pro-labor, pro-New Deal bonds.

    Unfortunately, both Obama and Hilary were products of this system, which arose at the same time organized labor’s leadership became increasingly ossified, co-opted, out-of-touch… Remember how George Meany acquiesced in Reagan’s crushing of PATCO? That’s why we have little pishers, today, like the NM OFA guy who’s the subject of this story.

    The moral: Respect your base, or leave electoral politics.

  4. Sorry, it was Lane Kirkland who acquiesced in crushing PATCO. But that leaves my argument unchanged.

  5. I never have been much of a political activist, but alarmed at the unending wars, the disappearance of anything resembling a republic, the obvious class war being conducted where the machinery of government was being used gather in diminishing resources and funnel them to only the very wealthy among us, I chipped in a few very modest contributions to Democratic candidates in 2004, 2006, and 2008.

    I’ll bet many others here did the same.

    What in Heaven’s name did that get for us?

    Blue Dog Dems all over the place.

    And that fantastic show of Baucus et al that was the “health reform” fiasco of 2009.

    And the fantastic dedication to environmental protection as evidenced by Jay Rockefeller.

    So, in 2010 – not a dime from me to the political equivalent of the Washington Generals.

    I voted in 2010.

    Mostly for Green candidates.

    I intend to do so again in 2012.

    I do not intend to sit out 2012, or any other election – as long as we have them.

    I swore off ever voting for a Republican 20+ years ago.

    By 2010, I had reached the same position on the Corporate loving, outsource loving Democrats.

    Screw these corporate whores who are destroying democracy and destroying the world.

    I want to vote for any candidate or organization that puts old-fashioned people ahead of Corporate Super “Persons”.

  6. I think I was dropped from Ray’s email list. I guess telling him, “No, I won’t support another Republican in the White House,” pissed him off.

  7. “Firebagger!” I want the T-shirt franchise!! Remember back in the day when you’d leave a flaming bag of shit on some assholes front porch? How appropriate for Obama.

  8. Hey, Ron, I think that’s a great idea for a tee-shirt! I’m a firebagger; I’m loud and I’m proud!

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