Did the Earth move for you, too, baby?

At Front and Lombard, a woman with a British accent approached me and said “Did you feel the earth shake?” or “Did you feel an earthquake?” There was passion in her voice. I wondered if she’d mistaken me for someone else, or if it was love at first sight…

2 thoughts on “Did the Earth move for you, too, baby?

  1. I’m 27 miles away from the epicenter in Charlottesville. Pictures danced on the walls, the dog woofed, the blinds swayed back and forth in the window boxes. A stack of DVDs nearly fell off the TV cabinet. It lasted about a minute. We’re in a wood-frame house on a slab, and it wobbled, more like several beats per second vibration, but with a big magnitude. The ceiling fan rattled pretty good. I felt like maybe a train was running through the house. On local news, lots of downed glass jars in supermarkets over in Louisa County, east of here.

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