Deep thought

If my block does flood, I’m happy I won’t be there to see it since I live next door to a cemetery. Know what I mean?

One of my friends was telling me people who have in-ground pools (the fiberglass kind, not the cement-and-tile kind) are at high risk of theirs floating out of their holes during this storm, something I did not know. But it has to beat looking out your window and seeing a bunch of floating coffins.

4 thoughts on “Deep thought

  1. I think I recall a river flooding in Jawja and coffins getting loose in an old cemetery. But, most newer cemeteries, the coffins are encased in a vault before burial. But, then if a mausoleum floods, well eeeek!

    Stay safe! Heed the warnings. Been through quite a few hurricanes and tropical storms and they don’t play. And the hazards are even worse if the ground is already saturated or in an area with an urban drainage system.
    Glad you are on the mend! 🙂

  2. Pennsylvania law requires a vault. I know this from burying my mother a couple of years ago. Round Hill Cemetery, south of Pittsburgh…

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