10 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Head north, Susie. I have two unused guest rooms, plenty of wifi and apple TV! You have my email.

  2. Didn’t your doctors tell you to rest comfortably? I hope the motel has hurricane porn! Wolf Blitzer is teh sexy.

  3. Request for hurricane advice:

    I have a gas grill (propane) alongside an old well house, and it’s heavy. I can’t move it far by myself.

    Any suggestions? I was wondering if I should at least lay in down on the ground. My neighboring house is about 20 feet from my house, 10-ish from the wellhouse. There are forsythia bushes behind the grill and all along the lot line; it’s currently fortified with wisteria which needs to be curtailed, but may be good during the coming winds.

    I’m heading out for a prescription and mean to pick up some bungee cords to try to tie the grill down….

  4. I’m going with laying the grill down on the ground — I figure that to move something heavy, the wind needs to get under it or have a large enough surface to move it. The profile on the ground should be lower, no way to get under much and get “lift.”

    Susie — so very good hear your (pixeled in words) voice! Hope you’re well.

  5. I couldn’t find any bungees — and decided to stop looking!

    Candles, D and C cell batteries, water — lots of places sold out. Esp’ly the D cells.

    (Why is Cuomo deploying the Nat’l Guard? Why have them during the brunt of the storm???)

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