8 thoughts on “Why did the towers collapse?

  1. Finally a realistic mainstream chemical engineering solution to compete with the conspiracy theories (all of which are more believable than the ‘official’ account). I’d like to see some confirmatory testing done though. The country continues to be at risk because of the ongoing CYA surrounding 911.

  2. This seems much more likely than the sabotage theories out there. Too bad they didn’t do a real investigation of the disaster so it can never be known for sure what really caused the buildings to collapse.

  3. Anything to keep the myth alive. Ah-bugga-bugga-bugga, be afraid people, be afraid be afraid be afraid – Usama binDead since December 2001 and his gang of born-again gay mexican muslims are comin’ t’getcha’. Gonna rape all the (white) women and steal all the jobs.

    Sorry Ron, nothing realistic about it, hydrogen burns but does not explode. Think Hindenberg – lots of fire, no explosion. Same principle.

  4. Not only that Ten Bears, but the whole “top would fall to the floors below” causing pancaking of floors is completely off the mark too. Besides on much of the footage i’ve seen (and corroborated by eye-witness fire fighters and police on the scene) there were MULTIPLE FLOOR BY FLOOR DETONATIONS just like there are when the collapse is engineered!

    9-11 was an inside job brought to us all by the run-away, out of control, unaccountable to anyone CIA (as was JFK, and the rest of the assassinations that diverted the U.S. from the once great pillar of freedom to the bastardization we have now).

    No. Those little puffs you see in videos of the collapses are air pressure blowing out the windows. Most of what happened that morning is beyond anyone’s experiential ability to process. It was literally unthinkable then and still is today. Most things are outside of peoples’ ability to comprehend them. That’s why religions and gods were invented, to make sense of the randomness and baffling incomprehensibility of most things. If the compartmented crash zones in the buildings were like bast furnaces, etc. Woman stands in the gash created by the crash and waves. http://tinyurl.com/3gees5b (That doesn’t look like a blast furnace to me.) Like I said, outside of people’s ability to comprehend.

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