Gangsta, Gangsta!

Gangstas protecting their own:

New Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput says he isn’t likely to change his mind about creating a window to allow some past victims of sexual abuse by priests to file lawsuits after the statute of limitations in their cases has expired.

Chaput, in a discussion Thursday with the Inquirer Editorial Board, said statutes of limitations exist for sound legal reasons, and that exceptions should not be made just to allow litigation against the Catholic Church.

The problem with this, as the article points out, is that it can take years or even decades for a child sex abuse victim to come to terms with what has happened to him or her, at which point the statute of limitations may be up. On top of that, I think we’ve all seen the lengths the Church hierarchy will undertake to protect and shield their abusive priests. And on top of that, we have the particulars of the Philadelphia archdiocese (pardon the pdf), which (to me at least) demonstrates not only the extent of the criminality in our city, but that the clergy were anything but repentant.

Archibishop Chaput is no differet from any other gangster, if you ask me.

It feels weird clicking the “why I’m not a Catholic anymore” tag, because I’ve never been one.

One thought on “Gangsta, Gangsta!

  1. I never dreampt that I was surrounded by what amounted to a family of mafioso priests in the diocese where I attended Catholic school in the 50’s and 60’s until many years later an old classmate brought some things to my attention. It was then that I realized who the real gangsters were. I was like, “Damn, no wonder I was sooo happy to get the hell out’a there”.

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