3 thoughts on “Peacekeepers or paramilitary enforcers?

  1. Everyone knew that eventually the oligarchy (1%) was going to resort to violence to try and destroy the OWS movement. (Ignore, laugh at, fight, etc.) The 1% was never going to just rollover and give the 99% its power and wealth. How bloody this ‘war’ gets is entirely up to the 1%. The 99% must remain Peaceful, but it has the legal and Constitutional right and obligation to defend itself against violence rained on it. We are all begining to understand just how the Palestinians, the Iraqis, and the people of Afghanistan feel about US and Israeli troops occupying them.

  2. “The 99% must remain Peaceful…”
    True, but even if they do, provocateur infiltrators working for the 1% will make it seem otherwise.

  3. Dude, I KNOW. It’s like when the Cherokee were misplaced all of a sudden! Peacekeepers, or paramilitary forces?

    Who could know?

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