OWS gets generators back


Occupy Wall Street got its confiscated generators back on Tuesday after its legal team pressed the Fire Department of New York to release them.

The machines were picked up from the New York City Fire Academy at Randall’s Island by the Wikileaks truck, which has been stationed next to Zuccotti Park since the protest’s inception. The vehicle with the generator on board made its way back to Zuccotti Park hours before a planned concert by Graham Nash and David Crosby.

Yetta Kurland, a lawyer representing the protesters, said the generators did not violate any FDNY code.

The protesters have been without machine-generated power since Oct. 28, when police and firefighters seized their gas and biodeisel generators on the grounds that they were a fire hazard. Protesters have been using bicycle-powered generators to charge batteries in the park, but they were without steady power as a freak snowstorm hit on Oct. 29.

Lawyers for the protesters sent the FDNY a letter on Oct. 29 demanding the return of their equipment. Last week the fire department gave in. “I believe they gave the generators back because they had no basis to confiscate them,” Kurland said. “When there’s a fire inspection, the normal procedure is for the FDNY to give corrective feedback … That didn’t happen here. Rather than saying do this or that or taking corrective steps, they simply confiscated the generators and didn’t even list on the confiscation order what the specific violations were.”

3 thoughts on “OWS gets generators back

  1. Well, it’s good to see some justice can still be had in Amerika. I’m gaining respect for the tactical savvy of OWS. At the same time, their successes, I fear, will encourage ever more desperate violent suppression by the Corporate military otherwise known as NYPD.

  2. Yep, Ron…….I agree with your analysis, but “the violent suppression’ that you refer to will be overcome by the history of the Civil Rights Era……………..”violent suppression” is destined to lose—PROMISE!

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