Voters to GOP: We just don’t like you

Apparently it’s not too late. Even rank-and-file Republican voters have rejected some of the most extreme Republican laws in yesterday’s elections. A clearly chastened Ohio Gov. John Kasich, ringleader for the extreme ALEC agenda, had to concede defeat as Senate Bill 5, legislation to decimate collective bargaining by state employees, went down in flames.

In the state of Mississippi, voters decided zygotes did not meet the legal definition of personhood — or even corporations. (Helped along by the fact that even Haley Barbour said the wording was too vague, so it may resurface.)

In Maine, voters retained same-day voter registration, despite attempts to repeal it by their Tea party governor and his minions.

Democrats took just about every position that wasn’t nailed down in Connecticut municipal elections.

Iowa Dems held the State Senate tonight, which means marriage equality in Iowa is safe.

Arizona recall voters took down wingnut Senate President Russell Pearce.

Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear of Kentucky takes a second term.

More added as it comes in, but all in all, it’s a really good night for Democrats.

UPDATE: Looks like Virginia falls to Tea party control.

5 thoughts on “Voters to GOP: We just don’t like you

  1. Watching this guy weasel his way around committing to implement popular will reminded me of the great Emma Goldman quote: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

    This is just a beginning to the fight. As Howard Zinn said “What matters most is not who is sitting in the White House, but “who is sitting in.” Same applies to state and local government. A please to everyone to keep holding these bastards’ feet to the fire.

  2. You put a link to Time? And Mark Halperin to boot? Seriously what were you thinking? He quotes a labor leader with the preface: “Labor and business interests spent more than $30 million to block the ballot initiative”. That sounds funny – that business interests pitched in with labor to block this ballot initiative. And of course there is no explanation given for this odd statement. And it seems to me like the ballot initiative was successful at blocking republican legislation, yet his preface makes it sound like unions (plus some like minded businessmen) have blocked a referendum/ballot initiative and thus blocked the will of the people.

    Sorry, Suzy, but Time magazine just makes us all stupider. Maybe you’re a masochist who can’t spare herself, but at least give the rest of us a warning before you direct us there again.

  3. As a Virginian it’s somewhat upsetting that VA seems to be the home of the worst news from yesterday… but still: the results in general were very encouraging and I’m feeling good about the chances for the 99% in 2012! We must Occupy the Voting Booths to make this democracy thing work out.

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