Seniors Occupy Chicago

You know, this movement is only going to work if everyone gets involved. Unfortunately, I’m guessing the Democrats will soon give us a good reason:

More than 1,000 senior citizens and their supporters marched from Chicago’s Federal Plaza to the intersection of Jackson and Clark Street Monday morning to protest proposed cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Housing and Urban Development (HUD). At the intersection, more than 40 protesters, 15 of them seniors affiliated with the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, stood or sat in the street, arms linked, blocking traffic.

Amid chants demanding that the cuts be forestalled — with suggestions for alternatives, including tax hikes — 43 demonstrators were escorted from the intersection (see video, above) by police and issued citations for pedestrian failure to “exercise due care,” or for blocking traffic. Those cited included four protesters using assisted mobility devices and at least one centenarian.

Judy Moses said she was glad to receive the citation–her second in her quest to maintain funding for programs that benefit seniors, following an arrest for blocking traffic in December at a similar protest.

“When I was younger, I never did protests,” she said. “I was a silent majority. Now, I’m ready to make noise.”

One thought on “Seniors Occupy Chicago

  1. Not all the Democrats. Just the Blue Dog Clinton Democrats like Chicago Mayor Emanuel. Or the Harvard educated Democrats like Pete Rouse. Of course there is the abominable Hillary and all the other Democrats that support building the Keystone pipeline. Sarkozy to Obama, “Netanyahu is a liar.” Obamba to Sarkozy, “Yes, but I have to deal with him everyday.” Why does Obama bother to deal with the leader of the insane clown posse on a daily basis? Oh, right, that’s because all of those neo-con, Zionist Clintonites are always in his ear. It’s time for a change and that change is flushing the Clinton wing after the 2012 election.

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