What the hell are they so afraid of?

In Wisconsin, the first thing the state’s gun extremists did was to pass the concealed-carry legislation, even beating back the previous modest requirement for four hours’ training. (Because, you know, you really want inexperienced people carrying loaded weapons.)

Then they rushed to pass their Castle Doctrine legislation – you know, the one that allows people to kill anyone who enters their home. (Even though the Milwaukee County D.A. said the laws already in place permit people to shoot in cases of legitimate self defense.)

The Criminal Law Section of the Wisconsin State Bar Association also opposed it, pointing out a rather large problem with the legislation:

“AB 69 changes Wisconsin law by providing a defense for irrational people armed with deadly force. Under its provisions, malevolent, reckless, or paranoid people who shoot trick-or-treaters or repairmen on their porch will be presumed to be acting in self-defense.”

“…it provides a solid defense, and a favorable jury instruction, for any man who kills his wife in the family home and lies about it in court.”

Oh yeah, that last one? Protection for domestic abusers isn’t a bug, it’s a feature! You know Walker’s Wisconsin: They passed it anyway!

And now the state’s gun nuts at Wisconsin Carry Inc. want to extend that “right” outside the home with “stand your ground” legislation — basically, so you can shoot people anywhere you feel threatened.

What is it with people like this? I don’t understand it. (Not the lobbyists, they’re working for a fat paycheck.) I mean, what is it with the regular people who get into causes like this? I always wonder about whether certain (ahem) personal inadequacies drive this sort of fixation on domination and destruction. Or maybe they have “Deadwood” fantasies. Whatever it is, they make me tense.

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2 thoughts on “What the hell are they so afraid of?

  1. “…it provides a solid defense, and a favorable jury instruction, for any man who kills his wife in the family home and lies about it in court.”

    Presumably it would work the other way, too? [Hah.] Somehow I have the feeling those legislators are all male, sooo, to their wives: You know what to do.

  2. The Republicans are afraid of their own shadows. That’s why it’s so easy to talk them into going to war. Or to bomb Iran. Or to hate on cue. Or to send the riot police in against their fellow Americans to take names and kick ass. It’s really very sad.

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