Tuesday, Nov 8 | 9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking Susie | Recovering journalist, blogger and working class warrior Susie Madrak talks with political cartoonist and graphic novelist Ted Rall about the limitations of non-violence as a revolutionary strategy. Check out his latest book: “The Anti-American Manifesto.” Follow @TedRall @Susie Madrak| Listen live and later on BTR.

2 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Great show! Rall’s right on. A movements gotta move. I want a bumper sticker. At some point true confrontation HAS to take place. And let’s be clear, confrontation of injustice is NOT violence.

  2. Good stuff – people really do have to understand that people are going to get hurt and killed, and just taking it will not work out well.

    (And yes, the people who eventually signed the Declaration of Independence weren’t originally intending to overthrow a government, but simply to demand their rights as Englishmen.)

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