Cops in Seattle Pepper Spray an Old Lady

Spraying elderly women (and also a pregnant teenager and a priest, but who’s counting) in the face with pepper spray is the best way for the 1% to discourage protestors. I’ll tell you, there’s nothing that discourages non-violent protest like spraying defenseless old ladies in the face with pepper spray. No one ever hears about it, first of all, and everyone who does always thinks the old lady deserves it. They NEVER recoil in revulsion from the needless use of violence, and it ALWAYS makes the cops, and the people who own them, look good.

So keep it up! Maybe next time you can shoot a three year old in the face with tear gas: in fact, I encourage you to do so. The more martyrs, the better.

I guess we’ve gone past “first they ignore you” and the “then they laugh at you” stages into the “then they fight you” stage. Soon, we will win.

Because the fact is, we ARE the 99%. And so are these dumbfuck neanderthal cops in Seattle, whether they know it or not.

One thought on “Cops in Seattle Pepper Spray an Old Lady

  1. Howard Wolfson, Hillary’s main man in 2007-8, is out defending his boss Bloomberg’s undemocratic actions. Wolfson said that those dirty 99% protestors better not tie up any traffic or block any bridges or the Mayor’s Storm Troopers will make their lives a living hell. This is how the mouthpiece for a police state sounds.

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