Guessing Game

Who said this?

All of a sudden she’s at the top of the media. She’s at the top of the ladder. She’s paid no dues. Not born on third base. Born at home plate after the home run. She has not worked anywhere in journalism. She’s never had a job.

Now, that gets to the other point of this. Let’s go down to Occupy Wall Street or wherever else that there’s an Occupy, or go wherever there is a collection of liberals. What are they mad about? They’re mad about the 1 percent, and what are they mad about about the 1 percent? The 1 percent’s got it all. The 1 percent has everything and they’re not sharing it with anybody, and they didn’t work for it. There aren’t any jobs for anybody else because the 1 percent are making sure they’ve got all the jobs and they’ve got all the money.

So here we come with Mr. Democrat Party, the highest ranking, biggest star, most respected member of the Democrat Party, and with pure nepotism and nothing else his daughter, who is unqualified for this job, gets pushed ahead of everybody that works at NBC and gets this job. This is the quintessential thing the 99 percent are fed up with, that they don’t have a chance, that the game’s rules are rigged, that everything’s stacked against them…

And with apparently just a phone call, all Bill Clinton had to do, pick up the phone and call Steve Capus at NBC or Jeff Immelt or whoever, we don’t know, and say, “Hey, I have this person interested in working for you.” “Who, Mr. President?” “Well, you may have heard, name’s Chelsea.” “Oh, say no more.” Because NBC doesn’t want to consider the alternative of saying “no.”

So here you have a very prominent member of the 1 percent who flaunts that membership of the 1 percent greasing the skids for a child who’s unqualified and inexperienced. What does that say to all these people with all of these thousands of dollars in student loans, desperately trying, they think, to get jobs to pay off their student loans? They think the game is stacked against them. They think that the rules are rigged, that people like them are shut out, don’t have a chance.

The answer is here, and it’s a sad day when this dude seems to get it, and our own party just sticks its head up its ass to avoid dealing with the mess.

5 thoughts on “Guessing Game

  1. “Center-left parties that sell out to financial interests are a major cog in the austerity machine” -Stirling Newberry

    Isn’t Limburger overdue to explode in a spew of toxins? Wait for it … wait … wait …. The very germs that inhabit his fat head must be ashamed to tell their relations where they live. sheesh

  2. How this plays out. Today both Greece and Italy are being run by unelected capitalist technocrats. Mario Monti in Italy and Lucas Papademos in Greece. The European Union led by Merkel of Germany (The irony of Germany leading this effort given its fascist history is stunning.) and Sarkozy of France demanded that this undemocratic form of goverance be installed. Corporatist Merkel and Sarkozy insisted on this course of action because the majority of Italian and Greek citizens opposed the austerity measures being jammed down their throats by the EU. These unelected leaders, Monti and Papademos, have no legitimacy in the eyes of the people. No illegitimate government has ever succeeded at anything except to drive masses of people into the streets to protest their existence. Only this time the people’s revolution will not fail and the 1% won’t be allowed to lie and manufacture a World War III, like they did for WWII.

  3. Fuck Limpbug! He’s an asshole………of course the 1% know what’s going on—-they ain’t blind and crazy. Limpbug must have had an overdose of his perks to have a brief Lee Camp-type “Moment Of Clarity”.

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