3 thoughts on “Do as I say, not as I do

  1. Speaking of blatant hypocrisy. The Jewish Republic of Israel shut down a Palestinian radio station (Kol Hashalom) broadcasting from the occupied West Bank into the Jewish Republic yesterday because it was “too dovish.” Apparently the Jewish Republic will end your freedom of speech if that speech urges Peace. Which must be why the war network (FOX) is so loved by Zionists around the world.

  2. this seems pretty typical of all presidents to me. the u.s. is against nuclear proliferation while maintaining the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. the u.s. condemns foreign leaders who call for the overthrow of other governments and calls the countries they lead “rogue nations”, when u.s. politicians regularly call for regime change for regimes they don’t like. the u.s. executed nazis for waterboarding after world war two calling them war criminals, and then resort to it ourselves.

    this country never applies its own critique of foreign governments to ourselves. it goes back at least to the monroe doctrine (short version: (1) europe can no longer interfere with the governments in the new world, (2) but we can)

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