Update: UC Davis launches ‘probe’ …

of what happened on Friday, in broad daylight, in America. I’m sorry, but can anyone out there explain to me why this cop shouldn’t face assault charges, and why the chancellor of UC Davis shouldn’t immediately be fired?

2 thoughts on “Update: UC Davis launches ‘probe’ …

  1. oh it’s coming susie. it’s coming.
    lawsuits are already coming, I saw that on salon. There will probably be federal charges as well:

    Specifically, the use of pepper spay by law enforcement against non-violent protestors has been found to be a violation of of the 4th amendment rights of the protesters in the case of Lundberg v. Humboldt, which is the controlling precedent in the 9th Circuit, which has jurisdiction over any cases brought against the police for their actions in Seattle and Oakland.

    In its 2001 opinion regarding the Lundberg case, the 9th Circuit held that non-violent protestors who did not present a threat to the safety of the public or to law enforcement officials, even though they had committed the misdemeanor offense of trespass, could sue the governmental authorities and law enforcement officials who had pepper sprayed them, reversing the trial court’s decision to dismiss the case on the basis that the authorities had “limited immunity” to violate the civil rights of individuals engaged in non-violent civil disobedience.

    Furthermore, the faculty is in open revolt against the chancellor, university-wide. Robert Hass, the former poet laureate of the US, published an op-ed this AM in the NYT. She is going to be the center of unwanted attention, she’s going to cost the University a LOT of money, and they are going to tell her to leave. I’ll bet she’s gone by next month to spend more time with her family.

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