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  1. Election results from Egypt: Aprox. (1) Muslim Brotherhood (Moderate religious) 40%, (2) Salafist Nour Party (Ultraconservative religious) 30%, (3) Liberal Party (Secular) 22%, (4) Others 8%. Israel has big problems now. In other Mid-East news: Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon refused to back the Arab Leagues boycott of Syria. So we spent $1 trillion dollars and had 5000 of our soldiers killed in Iraq for what? So the Iraqis could side with the butchers in Syria? Can you say stupidity.

  2. Juan Cole is a CIA consultant and an ardent supporter of so-called humanitarian interventions yet knows nothing of the actual consequences of war (as opposed to Chris Hedges who has seen them up close. Save your bucks and give them to Susie or Arthur Silber or Lenin’s Tomb.

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