Site maintainance

Two things: Barring any last-minute glitches, we’ll be switching over to the new design sometime this weekend. So if you want to save a copy of the girls with guns header, grab it now. (I think you’ll like the new one just as much. Someone designed it for me, and it’s pretty cool.)

Second, if you use the blogroll links from Banter Media, you need to bookmark your faves or put them in your RSS feed. They won’t be here much longer.

2 thoughts on “Site maintainance

  1. Isn’t that girls with guns header a photo of some female members of the Zionist paramilitary Irgun training to kill Palestinian’s? If not who, exactly, are these women?

  2. It could be a gun class at some fancy private school.

    Thanks for the head’s up. Later today when I have some other work done, I’ll book mark and save the picture.

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