Extreme makeover

So! Chris has been up all night working on the site change, and then we’ll be slowly dealing with any new glitches that come up. I hope you like the new header (Ted Rall designed it for me, isn’t it cool? If you look closely, that’s an eviction notice on the front door…)

Anyway, the archives are a lot easier to use now (Chris has been doing the database work for weeks). Now we have to figure out how to get the ad code back in, and I have to get used to the new back end so I can make it do what I want.

If you come across any problems, please leave a note in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Extreme makeover

  1. The avatars? Their meaning? The machine gun? Couldn’t we eliminate the hand grenade and have a Rose in the barrel of the gun instead of bullets flying out? It’s a bit off-putting to us pacifists. Us anti-warmongers. Aside from that it’s quite an improvement overall for your blog. Nice work.

  2. How so? Literal thinker in what sense? You’re not saying that a severed head stuck on a pike or the crucified Christ should be seen as metaphors or symbols for Peace are you?

  3. The new design is great!

    If you are going to continue having other people publish on the blog, then the posts need a header line that names the author.

  4. Nice! Don’t forget to include a place for individual post author. It must be really hard to remember to do everything on a site update. Having never done that, but having done similar sorts of things, I can appreciate the complexity of getting everything just so right from the start.

    Oh, and in the cartoon, movement lines would be neat with the hand grenade and with the bullets. And, let’s see, what could be on the tee vee screen…? Heh.

  5. OH, and maybe make the cartoon BIGGER! Yes!

    Also, too, comments preview? (That one may be out of your hands, though.)

  6. Seconding the request for post author before clicking through. Not sure the two-column layout for the first post works unless you’re sure it will always and everywhere fit on one screen.

    You tend to have very short posts or excerpts on the main page, so click-through-to-comments at the top may work. On other sites with longer posts where that’s the default I tend to find it tedious. I read the post, think “hell, yes, I need to fulminate about this,” and then I have to go hunting for the top of the post again.

    I like the “other news” section at the bottom of individual pages.

  7. I think the author should be hidden. Keep people from automatically responding to the person rather than the idea. See how comments change. A little experiment, as it were.

  8. Nice new look, Suze. A larger cartoon: YES.

    Something coming out of the barrel of the machine gun other than fire: YES.

    A by-line for the author of the post, especially if it’s someone other than you: YES.

    And, you’ve always had a great site anywho.

  9. I do miss seeing who the author is. It seems extra time and effort to click to see it.

    Is it the objective to keep the authors’ names hidden — until someone clicks through?

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