Another ugly GOP debate audience

When Republican presidential candidates get together to debate, the yahoos come out. They don’t like gay soldiers, child labor laws, death penalty foes, or food stamp users. And don’t forget Mexicans:

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may be in the lead in the Palmetto State, but that doesn’t mean South Carolinians necessarily like him.

During a Fox News debate at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Monday, the Republican audience booed loudly after being told that Romney’s father was born in Mexico…

4 thoughts on “Another ugly GOP debate audience

  1. If those audiences represent the various groups of voters that the repubs don’t like, Obama ought to win by a landslide in November.

  2. The clown show disguised as ‘debate’ resembled little more than a Springer or Ellen episode, with the requisite hooting and ecstatic squealing, on cue, as if the ‘applause’ sign lit up…

  3. NormanLake, that clown show was authorized and paid for by the oligarchy(1%). Obama will be reelected in November according to plan. Republican nominee Romney will go on to make another trillion dollars gutting American companies and shipping millions more jobs overseas just like the oligarchy(1%) has instructed him to do. Move along….there’s nothing to see here.

  4. So, Mitt’s father George, a governor of Michigan, was a Mexican-born illegal alien.
    How was he ever allowed to run for President, an office that’s limited to native-borns?
    It boggles the mind.

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