2 thoughts on “Al Franken and SOPA

  1. Al Franken and SOPA:

    Al Franken supports SOPA because Hollywood supported him. Let’s not make it overly complicated. USA politics are not about Party or beliefs; they are about payoffs. SOPA screws the public and benefits the rich. The rich control both Parties.

  2. One other thing. The Hollywood porn makers are some of the most vociferous supporters of SOPA/PIPA. They see their trash as providing such redeeming value that protecting it from piracy should result in the infringement of internet freedom of every American and others technological innovation.

    Wrong….the porn industry and Hollywood need to protect their own interests at their own expense (not US taxpayers) just as every other business that hires security and audits and pays to have risk management. Hollywood wants every American to pay to protect their business, while every American loses liberty. Such a shafting doesn’t feel good to me.

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