Piggie of the Week: Let’s Have a Nice Cup of Steamin’ Semen


The Inquirer began asking about Patterson’s side job as editor of The Family in America, published by an Illinois-based research center that advocates for the “natural human family . . . established by the Creator.”

In the journal, Patterson has weighed in on everything from what he called “misguided” programs that grew out of the 1960s War on Poverty – programs now administered by DPW – to what he described as a woman’s ideal role in society: married and at home raising children.

For instance, he wrote about research that he said showed that if women wanted to find “Mr. Right,” they should shun birth control pills; and if they wanted to improve their mood, they should not insist that their men wear condoms lest they miss out on beneficial chemicals found in semen.

We would be remiss if we did not resort to sheer, unadulterated mockery:

2 thoughts on “Piggie of the Week: Let’s Have a Nice Cup of Steamin’ Semen

  1. Remember, early in your career, when you could write silly headlines like this AS SATIRE, and pass them around the news room?

    Today, they have become legitimate news stories.

  2. i have never worked in a newsroom, so I don’t remember that.

    we live in crazy fuckin’ times.

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