3 thoughts on “Hypocrite

  1. Rick is a dead-end politically speaking. He’s being used by the Catholic Church at the moment as a messenger on contraception. Those who can’t stand Romney are using Rick to spread their conservative message. But in the end the Protestant Evangelical Christians will take him down. So wasting any time or effort investigate him is unnecessary.

  2. Santorum is simply expressing basic Catholic theology on sex. The only permissible occasion for any kind of sexual experience is for the purpose of procreation (or at least open to it). Otherwise sex simply feeds the selfish self-centered desire (concupiscence) that is the essence of original sin.

    This rules out homosexual sex, masturbation, sex using contraception and abortion (seen as another form of avoiding the natural process of procreation, nothing to do with “life” or its sacredness).

    This is, I think, the reason why Santorum expresses his position in that peculiar way, invoking “procreation” as an issue.

  3. Yeah Realist, for all the reasons you noted, I believe Santorum and the Catholic Church as a whole are as full of horseshit as can be! This, from a former catholic.

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