NATO: We found dead kids after bombing

Being an American requires a strong stomach and a knack for cognitive dissonance:

Last Wednesday, a NATO air strike against the Kapisa Province ended with eight children dead and the Afghan government deploying a team including a number of MPs to try to figure out how it happened.

NATO, incredibly, is just getting around to officially comment on the killings, and would insist only that its officials “found” the dead children at the site of the attack, and that they can’t “confirm nor deny” that the air strike is what killed them.

NATO’s denials are usually a bit behind the game, but in this case it seems doubly absurd, as the Afghan government had already confirmed that an informant in the area had told French occupation forces that the children were “terrorists” planning to attack the village, which led to the strike on them.

One thought on “NATO: We found dead kids after bombing

  1. Israel is ‘playing’ the victim once again. First Israel (Mossad) signs up members of the Iranian based terrorist group MEK to assassinate nuclear scientists and blow up so-called nuclear facilities in Iran. Then when somebody retaliates by setting an Israeli diplomats car on fire in India, Israel promises revenge. “We will settle the score,” they say today. This “eye for an eye” routine is real Old Testament stuff. It’s been going on for 5000 years and is becoming very tiresome. Israel is seldom the victim and is generally the instigator. And it would appear that the US is strolling down the same well traveled path these days.

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