I’m sure he will find enough money in the state budget for corporate tax cuts, so don’t worry:

Gov. Corbett’s new budget proposal would cost the city $42 million in mostly mental health and addiction treatment funding, but city officials say the impact will be worsened by ensuing needs for emergency shelter, child welfare, and other services.

“Our first take is pretty negative,” city Finance Director Rob Dubow told the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority, the city’s financial oversight board, in a 15-minute presentation Tuesday.

Beside the cuts in aid to the city government, the Philadelphia School District faces an additional $21 million reduction in state support, due to the elimination of a “state accountability grant” program.

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  1. i have been saying for a long time that Philadelphia should simply refuse to hand our taxes over to Harrisburg until we get a square deal. Hold the funds in escrow, in an interest-bearing account.

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