$3.58 a gallon here in Spruill County, Jawja.

Yes, gas prices are through the roof. It is of great concern in the Metro Atlanta area. We commute further, by automobile, than nearly any other population in the country. My more conservative friends blame our President for this spike in prices. Bring up speculators and one will lose the attention of these lost souls (unless they are “Libertarians” and worship at the Christo – Objectivist Temple.)

Memories are short regarding gas price trends by some folks.

I have a “friendly” reminder, bless their hearts.

5 thoughts on “$3.58 a gallon here in Spruill County, Jawja.

  1. Erp, yes it does. My point is that the price is not as high as it is in nearly any other western nation and really not that high nationwide.

  2. The non-subidized cost of a gallon of gas, or the ‘real’ cost of a gallon of gas, is about $13.00 a gallon. Any price lower than that should be called the “political price” of gas.

  3. Kong, I’ll go take a freakin’ picture and show you a receipt on the gas price. In Jawja, we don’t elect a governor, the Department of Transportation rules, and the leader is appointed. We have HUGE gas taxes AND one of the busiest airports in the country. Shoot, the joke down here is that you have to go through Hartsfield – Jackson Airport to get to the Pearly Gates.
    But, we have GREAT roads, and public transportation is lacking. Why, so? DOT heavy hitters have historically own grading companies…… Go figure.
    Kong, you are correct, the old US of A citizens pay a lot less for gas.

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