5 thoughts on “Well! I guess we gals are all sluts, now…..

  1. I’m gobsmacked by the whole weird turn of events. It’s, like, um, I just don’t know what to say. Maybe it started out as a good idea, say, “Let’s get Obamacare overturned by casting it as a religious-rights issue! And use some harlot demons to prove our point!”

    But first Santorum, and now Rush, has forever and always linked contraception, women’s health, and whores. They’re calling nearly every woman in America a whore. And Rush wants the porno tapes to prove it, the little scamp. Oh, well, he had four (I think) advertisers pull out today, so maybe, just maybe please oh fsm, this will be Rush’s shark-jumping moment.

  2. I’m hoping this fat slob blew out the colostomy bag that is his own brains this time. He needs to Breitbart himself. The evil must be eating Rush’s insides up horribly by now.

  3. I was kinda surprised Rush is still using the “feminazi” attack slur. But I guess it works for him and his demographic.

    I will never forget back in the early years of Rush making waves on air visiting friends, and the couple’s nephew came out of his house across the ally and began screaming “Feminazi” over and over at his aunt. He was apparently angry because when his mother was at work, his aunt caught him doing something wrong and told his mother. So, while he didn’t really know what “feminazi” meant, he’d heard it enough on Limbaugh’s show to know it was a way to attack a woman.

    It stunned us all, and I know it hurt her…she’d been a second mother to her sister’s children and understood young teenage anger, but it still hurt.

    As Rush intended then and intends now.

    Back then, however, Rush would not have used “slut,” I think. That was still beyond the pale. It would have put him off the air maybe?

    Times have changed. Women are trying to take the sting out of the use of “slut,” but it’s still a powerful and mean attack word.

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