2 thoughts on “Killer drones are human, too

  1. Million dollar Scuds! The precision of these things if correctly targetted is impressive. But the targetting intelligence is non-existent. We are spending seventy billion dollars a year, now primarily outsourced to the private warfare sector, to hide the fact that we have zero intelligence on the ground behind a net based curtain of technology. With all the satellites and intercepts in the world, the Taliban just marched a hundred heavily armed soldiers into the most guarded sector of Kabul. Meanwhile some jack off with a joy stick blows up a pick up truck and we get, “We blew it up, it must have been terrorists.” We deserve and will meet the fate of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.

  2. That’s the whole purpose of using drone technology, remove the ‘human element’ as far as possible from the reality of the action. We can’t have the human conscience interfering with our ability to kill anything that moves. Next stop, robot hunter-killers to remove humanity entirely from the killing of humans.

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