So one three-minute copter ride (something Gov. Christie seems to love) is all it takes to untangle the complicated situation in the Middle East, and it coincidentally lines up with what the right-wingers have said all along!

PRINCETON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (JTA) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cautioned against Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank, Jerusalem or the Golan Heights.

Speaking at a news conference Tuesday following his first trip to Israel earlier this month, Christie, who has been mentioned by Republicans as a possible vice presidential pick, said the most “eye-opening” part of his trip was a helicopter tour over part of the West Bank with Israeli military officials. Then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush expressed a similar sentiment after taking a similar helicopter tour in 1998 with then-Israeli Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon.

“Everyone who thinks they have an opinion that’s worth something on the Palestinian issue should take that tour,” Christie said. The helicopter ride took “three minutes from West Bank settlements to the Mediterranean. A missle goes much faster than a helicopter.”

3 thoughts on “Propaganda

  1. Christie knows who’s buttering his bread. He’d BETTER say something pro-Israel if he’s counting on big checks from the billionaires when he runs for president.

  2. Well maybe, just maybe, Israeli helicopters shouldn’t be flying in Palestinian airspace, what’s left of it anyway after the metastisizing cancer that is the Israeli settlement land grab.

  3. maybe christy should have tried to do a trip of similar distance (say from hebron to nablus) via car using the palestinian road system (i.e. not the settlers-only highways). the 2 hour journey through multiple checkpoints would also be eye-opening.

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