Parental guidance

For years, whenever I’ve been forced to sit through a children’s dance recital, I’ve been appalled at how blatantly they sexualize little girls. (I can assure you if I’d had girls, if they wanted to take dance lessons, I’d be sure to find a place that didn’t make them wiggle like miniature hookers.) Like this video, for instance: Why is it necessary to make nine-year-olds look like pole dancers? “Oh, because all the competition is wearing the same thing!” See how that works? (via Riverdaughter.)

3 thoughts on “Parental guidance

  1. In three years these girls will be in abstinance only sex ed classes, if their folks have any say in it. Good luck with that.

  2. … an early introduction in “How To Secure a Pedaphile In Case You’re Too Insecure To Find A Date To The Prom”!

  3. ….and, in case we forget, there’s always the still-unsolved example of poor Jon Benet Ramsey. But we never learn a damn thing, do we???

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