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  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Susie. As much as I’m exasperated by Obama, I do feel a tenderness toward him that I don’t with other politicians. Maybe it comes from reading the biography of her mother, a remarkable woman who did so much for my country.

  2. Speaking of Obama he seems to have given everyone exactly what they wanted. Hillary and the military got their troop “surge” in Afghanistan. Biden got to expand the “killer drone” program. Hillary wanted more “boots on the ground” to assist in her asinine “nation building” experiment. Which failed. The military (Robert Gates) wanted more troops so it could “win” its “counter-insurgency” war. They’re now 0-2 in that exercise if you count Vietnam. Biden wanted more drones so he could kill more “terrorists” (counter-terrorism) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, ect. to prove the correctness of his soon to be declared illegal “smaller footprint” theory. And Obama wasn’t forced to give into the warmongering neo-cons (Zionists) who wanted to attack Iran. At least not yet. Obama: 4, the rest of these fools: 0.

  3. Imhotep,

    Don’t forget all the goodies he gave to Repubs – Bush tax cuts, chipping away at Social security through payroll tax cuts and the shellacking of 2010. Although I tend to think he is a closeted conservative and agrees with Repubs more often than not.

  4. grrljock,

    I had the same feeling too. Until I heard Naomi Klein on Democracy Now! in 2009 about “Brand Obama”. He is like a corporate brand who makes us feel warm and fuzzy while actually shafting us. And then I searched and came across this :

    And I think Naomi Klein was warning about Obama even before the 2008 elections. If only I had known ……
    “We were all suckers then”.

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