Yeah, that about sums things up:

There is something particularly degrading about the use of a state killing—in which dozens of heavily armed special ops troops mowed down the fugitive in front of his wives and children—to promote a political campaign. Obama presents himself, not so much even as commander-in-chief, but as “hitman-in-chief,” appealing to the worst social instincts.

3 thoughts on “Hitman-in-chief

  1. That’s not far from framing Obama as the Badasses Gangsta Nigga-in-Chief who will fawk you up if you cross him. I guess the dog whistle works for whomever hears it, right?

  2. And calling someone racist for criticizing Obama is … what? Always racist? Never racist? Okay only when a black does it? Is that racist or not racist? Could you be more specific about when criticism is okay?

    In short, Major Kong, get a grip. Doing a stupid end-zone victory dance was stupid when the Shrublet did it (especially because he did it before the game really began, as Jon Stewart pointed out). Obama’s doing about 1% of what the Repubs have done, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

    Dancing on people’s graves shouldn’t be something we ever do, if this is a country of laws.

  3. Y’all if you want to see some Presidential racism, please see the strings on my very scary Social Media page.

    Criticizing the President isn’t racist. If you want some schooling on racism, I am your girl. I am steeped in it to my ears everyday down here.

    Killing Bin Laden really was about the “war on terra” for this reason: Pakistan.

    If Pakistan wants to be a in the “First World Nuclear Club,” uh, they are going to tighten up on who is hanging out in their country, period. It was about security, mostly, IMHO.

    I think the happy dance by the President is a matter of perception. Your mileage may vary.

    There are a lot of messes to clean up before we can pull the center to the left again.

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