So Elizabeth Edwards knew about her husband’s affair and wanted him to stay in the campaign anyway. Sort of puts a dent in her halo, huh?

Another former aide, John Davis, testified that Edwards scheduled a conference call in late 2007 to announce his withdrawal from the campaign, but his wife canceled the call even though she knew of the affair. Edwards ultimately dropped out of the race weeks later.

Davis said Edwards scheduled the call after a fight with his late wife, Elizabeth, in late 2007. But soon after, Elizabeth Edwards called a staff member to cancel the call, Davis said. Other witnesses have testified that John Edwards told Elizabeth Edwards about his infidelity in 2006.

4 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Elizabeth and John….two bigger phonies you will never find. Except, of course, for Bill and Hillary. What a group of losers.

  2. Im, I think you’ve overlooked Newton & Callista, Sarah & Todd, Willard & Ann, Dick & Liz, and probably a few more that put your nominees in the shade.

  3. Imhotep, I don’t know why you hate the Clinton’s so bad, I don’t really care, but Izquierdo started a good list of worst phonies.

  4. First, why were you putting a halo on a human being? and second, no, this doesn’t tarnish my high opinion of Elizabeth Edwards at all.

    So she found out her husband had an affair but still believed he would be a good politician and a better leader than any R and most Ds. Not really surprising.

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