Reverend Howard Finster………

This weekend is the Finster Festival in Summerville, GA. The festival celebrates the life and folk art of Howard Finster, “The Man of Visions.” He was not only a folk artist, but, a preacher of the Word.

He built on his property a “Paradise Garden” of murals and sculptures from all kinds of junk that he could find. He also was famous for painting album covers for REM, Talking Heads and also a painting of an Absolut Vodka Bottle for an ad.

In my young adult life. no springtime would be complete without visiting Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens in Pennville in northwest Georgia. One could take hours exploring the grounds. A real treasure.

I am sure most will miss this event. So, here is an article about the gardens and the restoration project. Also, if you want to look around here is a tour.