On, Wisconsin

You’ve all heard the story by now, how the DNC is refusing to give $500k to Wisconsin Dems to help defeat Gov. Scott Walker. Unfuckingbelieveable.

And you may have already gotten an email from Daily Kos, or MoveOn.org, asking for donations. If you can, you can also donate here. Five bucks is good; 20 bucks, even better.

Let’s do. Let’s kick this guy’s ass.

I hesitate to say this (because I might be horribly wrong), but I have a feeling this year will be like 2006, when we took back the House and the Senate. Back then, if you recall, the blogosphere put many, many Dems over the top that the DNC wrote off. We did it, with our little blogs. Maybe we can do it again. So if you can help, do it.

Also, fuck the DNC.

3 thoughts on “On, Wisconsin

  1. Out here in Cascadia, Democrats In Name Only: instead of backing Darcy Burner, the progressive candidate with far and away the greatest name recognition and a record of working for working-class families and their interests — particularly when it comes to things like protecting Medicare and Social Security, and getting their children out of war zones — the state’s establishment Dems seem to be lining up behind pro-business faux progressive Susan DelBene, with little popular support but very deep pockets.

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