The slow, painful death of Dodd-Frank

Matt Taibbi explains why, even if we pass relatively meaningful financial services reform, it’s gutted by the lobbyists before it goes into effect. Read it and weep.

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2 thoughts on “The slow, painful death of Dodd-Frank

  1. I can’t read these type of articles any more. I am beyond the limits of discouragement. All I can do is t suggest that someone develop a permanent weather proof, bomb proof archive somewhere in the desert to store all these analysis papers.

    Archaeologists in the future will be able to uncover them like the Dead Sea Scrolls, and at least know that there was a faction of people at the end of our civilization who were aware of what was happening.

    (They had better include some kind of Rosetta Stone type of translating device because who know what kind of language they will be speaking in the future.)

  2. You took the words right out of mouth, PR.
    Our planet has fallen into the evil hands of the most greedy, destructive people to ever walk the face of the earth.

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