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  1. The Hillary boosters have been trying to clean up her foreign policy failures since day one. This is just another lame attempt to place her personal mistakes at the feet of someone else. Why do you suppose Geithner suggested that Hillary replace him at Treasury last year? 1) He wanted out of the administartion in the worst way. Why? Because he knew that the Obama team was going to go after his pals in the 1%. 2) He was aware that the administration was extremely displeased with the job Hillary was doing at State. When Hillary was approaced with going to Treasury she flew into a rage and the deal collapsed. Geithner agreed to stay on until after the election. Hillary announced that she would not be involved in Obama’s re-election in any way citing the Hatch Act. She also said that she would be leaving after the November election. Hillary’s sympathizers can try to paper over the mess that Hillary has made at the State Department but it simply won’t fly. Except with the uninformed. Which is probably what they’re counting on the liars that they are.

  2. LOL! Did you really believe that piece, Susie? It certainly contradicts everything we’ve been hearing for the past four years. Richard holbrooke and George Mitchell were Clinton’s choices. I remember the big controversy about how she had delegated so much authority to them. But she said it was necessary because foreign policy was such a wreck that she needed people who could devote their full attention to those issues. The white house had a particularly hard time with holbrooke. I have no doubt that it wanted to cut him out.
    Tim Geithner wanted significant and direct control over relations with China and she had to reassert her authority there as well. Yes, the white house has been a pain in the ass. They sure seemed anxious to hang her out to dry over the blind Chinese dissident. It must have pissed them off that it turned out alright in the end.
    I read a lot of the conventional wisdom about the 2008 primary and I already know where Glasser is coming from. It sounds like someone is very anxious to make Hillary look like nothing special. I’m sure it will get a lot of attention and some people might even believe it. I just remember that there is a reason for everything.

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