Taibbi on Mitt

Leave it to Taibbi to put things in perspective. Yes, the one percent does need to believe these things. How else can they justify what they do? Now how do we rationalize the beliefs of the Tea Partiers and the rest of Fox Nation?

Matt Taibbi says that Mitt Romney’s recently leaked remarks about low-income Americans were “insane.”

“I think he really genuinely believes that the only reason that his particular message isn’t resonating is that people want something for free and he’s not offering it to them,” Taibbi, a contributing editor forRolling Stone, told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. “It’s crazy.”

[…] Taibbi, who famously labeled Goldman Sachs a “vampire squid” and recentlylambasted Romney in a Rolling Stone article, said the top one percent on Wall Street looks down on the poor because it’s the only way they can psychologically excuse their “mass fraud and theft.”

“It’s all based upon this idea that ‘poor people deserve to be poor because they don’t work hard enough and I deserve the money that I make because I do work hard,'” Taibbi said. “It’s just a pervasive belief … the psychological underpinning of almost everything they do. If they didn’t have this way to excuse their dismissal of the poor, then they wouldn’t be able to do a lot of the things that they do.”

He noted that “everybody pays taxes in one form or another, whether sales tax or payroll tax,” and that income taxes comprise a small percentage of Romney’s own recent taxes.

Taibbi added that Romney, who comes from a privileged background, disregarded another “tax” that many poor people have to pay: “a kind of qualitative tax which nobody talks about — this sucky hard work tax.”

“If you’re low-income enough to not be paying income tax, you’re doing a shitty job that nobody else wants to do in this country,” Taibbi said. “You’re cleaning toilets. You’re driving buses at the night shift. You’re bussing tables. You’re doing all these things that Mitt Romney is never going to do.”

2 thoughts on “Taibbi on Mitt

  1. 40% of our wealth is owned by 1% of our citizens—-the plutocrats. So when the Left talks about the redistribution of wealth it drives the 1% crazy. They don’t want a single dime of the money that they’ve squirreled away in Swiss bank accounts to be redistributed to the 47% who “feel entitled to food and health care.” Of course the FOX propaganda network stands solidly behind the 1% in demonizing the “moochers” who are trying to break the stranglehold that the plutocrats and their oligarchy have on the 99%.

  2. “the top one percent on Wall Street looks down on the poor because it’s the only way they can psychologically excuse” themselves.

    Taibbi is wrong about just one thing: it’s not limited to “them.” Everybody does this. We have to believe in a just world to avoid madness, but actual justice is hard. So we take shortcuts with comfy stories.

    The only difference between the 1% and the rest of us is that their comfy stories crush millions of people whereas people with less power are just toxic to the people around them. But should they get power, well, surprise, surprise, they seem to turn into the same big jerks as the old guard.

    Nothing’s ever going to change until we stop thinking the problem is the 1%. Or only the 1%. It’s the willingness to take advantage of each other, at any scale.

    Of course, writing that kind of boring stuff won’t get you clicks.

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