Odds and ends

Today I’m doing laundry (because damn it, if I’m going to be without power for a week, at least I’ll have clean sheets!), and cooking what I can of what’s in my freezer. One friend told me to make sure to loosen the strings on my guitars, because the humidity may warp the necks. (Thanks, Steve!)

All these supplies… so much more canned food than I’m used to having in the house. And crunchy things, like taco chips. What is there about stress that makes us want to really chew something?

I really, really hate these LED lights; they hurt my eyes. I think if I have to read by these for an entire week, I’ll go mad.

5 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. “I voted.” That’s what the sticker read that they handed me as I headed out the door of my polling place today. (Speaking of voter suppression there are 15 states mostly in the Northeast, Penn. being one of them, which prohibit early voting. Talk about Dark Ages thinking. But I digress.) Not voting was never an option. Voting for a Republican–any Republican–was never an option. At least not in this election cycle. Voting for third party candidates is “full of sound and fury signifying nothing” so that was never an option. That left only one choice. The bottom line: JUST VOTE!

  2. got my laundry in, flashlights prepared, propane lantern ready to go as well, extra tank of propane for the grill, plenty of water. Long johns where i can access them quickly if it gets cold.

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