Look how far Obama was willing to go

Bob Woodward has a copy of a confidential memo from the White House about Obama’s Grand Bargain offer to Boehner. Among other things, he was willing to cut Tricare, Social Security and Medicare. And yes, chained CPI for Social Security benefits.

Oh, and flood insurance. What a great long-term thinker!

Gaius Publius is running a campaign to stop it. Call your senators and report back.

As he points out, it may be pushed past the lame duck and they will try to pass it in the first six months of next year.

And now he finally decides to use the bully pulpit!

4 thoughts on “Look how far Obama was willing to go

  1. Thank you Susie, I wonder how long it will take for Woodward to be labled a nattering nabob of negativism? After all, the good guys won, all will be right in the world shortly.

  2. Taxpayer subsidized flood insurance is what allowed a lot of the building on the sand bars in the first place. People used to build shacks down on the shore, so the cost was minor when they got destroyed. Then, the developers and the real estate agents got federally subsidized insurance… so you and I are out billions for houses built on sand, which everyone is pledging to rebuild.

  3. Talk about stone tone deaf! If Obama’s read is that the public wants the campaign extended so he can do single issue stumpers, he has totally lost it! Everything about the clock has his back. Just wait the Republicans out.

  4. Iless, if he waits out the Repubs it’ll be that much harder to cut social programs. That would mean less money for Wall St. Why would he want to do that?

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