4 thoughts on “Go Liz

  1. Bing! Another contribution to her campaign fund. Someone needs to start pointing her out to the Teabagger constituency as the one person in Congress doing something to ‘really’ address their concerns.

  2. Serves Obama right for not supporting her within his administration, thus motivating her to seek national elected office.
    She’s the best!

    BTW, my spellcheck does not recognize Obama as a legitimate word. How fitting.

  3. I hope the AP will pay some attention to this scandal! I mean, no prosecutions of any Big Banksters???

    How is that not a scandal.

    Oh, I forget — only Republicans can stir up MCM interest in “scandals.”

  4. What Ron said. Team Teabag doesn’t seem to realize that, when the patriots threw tea into Boston Harbor, they were not protesting government or taxes, they were protesting a corporate monopoly by the East India Trading Company. All of the ‘baggers need to go occupy Wall Street, preferably with torches and pitchforks.

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