Government surveillance of the Occupy movement

A new report.

Honestly, if so-called progressives were as feisty about government intrusion as the teabaggers, this report wouldn’t fall on deaf ears. But since they’ll look at it and say they’re “not sure” what’s been proved, nothing will happen.

Because progressives treat everything like they’re in a courtroom, and not as if it’s in the court of public opinion. That’s why we always lose.

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One thought on “Government surveillance of the Occupy movement

  1. Keeping secrets, government spies, and politicians who lie. “This is one of the two or three worst national security leaks in our history,” said Holder. That was his justification for his Justice Department’s unconstitutional attacks on the Associated Press. One of the worst leaks in history? Really? How so? Rest assured that the only people on earth who don’t know exactly what happened in Benghazi and why it happened are the American people. “For reasons of national security” is how our politicinas will explain away disrupting and spying on the Occupy movement. If progressives give the Obama administration a pass on the AP debacle than they might just as well treat ‘everything’ like they’re in a courtroom.

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