Occupy Brazil

It sure seems contagious, doesn’t it? Everywhere but here:

SÃO PAULO, Brazil — Protesters showed up by the thousands in Brazil’s largest cities on Monday night in a remarkable display of strength for an agitation that had begun with small protests against bus-fare increases, then evolved into a broader movement by groups and individuals irate over a range of issues including the country’s high cost of living and lavish new stadium projects.

The growing protests rank among the largest and most resonant since the nation’s military dictatorship ended in 1985, with demonstrators numbering into the tens of thousands gathered here in São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, and other large protests unfolding in cities like Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Curitiba, Belém and Brasília, the capital, where marchers made their way to the roof of Congress.

Sharing a parallel with the antigovernment protests in Turkey, the demonstrations in Brazil intensified after a harsh police crackdown last week stunned many citizens. In images shared widely on social media, the police here were seen beating unarmed protesters with batons and dispersing crowds by firing rubber bullets and tear gas into their midst.

“The violence has come from the government,” said Mariana Toledo, 27, a graduate student at the University of São Paulo who was among the protesters on Monday. “Such violent acts by the police instill fear, and at the same time the need to keep protesting.”

3 thoughts on “Occupy Brazil

  1. The American people are so confused right now that they don’t know whether to shit or go blind. And Herr Obama is not unconfusing them by demanding that Assad of Syria step down because he’s a dictator. Isn’t the King of Jordan a dictator? Isn’t the King of Saudi Arabia a dictator? Isn’t the Emir of Qatar a dictator? Isn’t the ‘President’ of the U.A.E. a dictator? Why isn’t Obama asking those men to step down? This hypocrisy is what fuels Arab (99%) resentment of U.S. foreign policy, motivates extremist terrorists, and confuses the American people into entropy. If you don’t believe that the 1% knows exactly what they’re (he’s) doing please give it some additional thought.

  2. brendancalling, the question posed was “everywhere but here?” A thoughtful person might ask him or herself, “Why aren’t the American people in the streets with all of the abuse being heaped upon them by their politicians?” The answer imhotep offered was one possible reason. You on the other hand read the topic as “occupy” and “Brazil.” What that has to do with the topic is a mystery.

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