George W. Bush Apologizes…

The Daily Currant…

In an exclusive interview with Oprah at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, the normally confident Bush dropped his Texas-sized swagger and expressed contrition for not recognizing the threat sooner.

“To be honest with you Oprah, Bin Laden wasn’t really on my radar,” he explained. “I was so focused on Saddam Hussein that I couldn’t see anything else. My CIA guys would come in and say ‘Bin Laden’s prepping an attack,’ ‘Bin Laden’s prepping an attack,’ and I was pretty much like ‘Whatever. What do you got on Saddam?’

“There was a general lack of awareness. I’m pretty sure Condi Rice didn’t even known who Bin Laden was. I had heard of him, but he sounded like more of a two-bit criminal to me so I didn’t take him seriously. And that malunderestimation (sic) really cost us as a nation….

The most visible critique has been that of Bush himself for continuing to read the children’s book “My Pet Goat” to an elementary school classroom for seven minutes after an adviser told him “the nation is under attack.” But perhaps more significant were the multiple unheeded warnings from the intelligence community that Bin Laden was determined to strike inside the United States.

Before Sept. 11 the White House had held only two meetings on the issue of terrorism, yet managed to find time for six meetings with Enron executives. Upon taking office in January 2001, the Bush Administration threatened to veto higher funding for counter-terrorism efforts, and cancelleda top secret program tracking Al-Qaeda operatives within the United States…

“You know Oprah, I’m a changed person,” he replied. “I’ve rededicated myself to my faith. I’ve become a vegan, and I’m going to therapy, which has really been helping. I’ve learned how to accept my failures and limitations. I wasn’t the best president, but that’s OK. I’m just working on trying to be a great husband and a good father. If I can do that I’ll be at peace with myself.”

Bush served as U.S. president from 2001 to 2009. He previously served as governor of Texas and co-founded an oil company that went bankrupt with one of Osama Bin Laden’s older brother.


5 thoughts on “George W. Bush Apologizes…

  1. Bush is now, and has always been, just one big fat liar. That said today we find the neo-cons (Zionist warmongers) up to their usual tricks. They are very angry at Obama for not delivering to them a war on Syria. At least not yet. So they have begun a campaign of character assassination. Obama, they tell us, is “weak,” he “vacillates and appears confused,” his war messaging was “muddled,” he has damaged the “credibility of America,” he has turned us into a “laughingstock,” his administration is a “farce,” and so on. The interventionists in both political parties have geared up to destroy Obama’s personal reputation. But, that’s what the neo-cons always do to anyone whose only sin is trying to avoid war. Or worse.

  2. Caught! You had me for a hot minute, until I decided to double-check this wasn’t a story from The Onion. Daily Current is just eevil… with 2 e’s.

  3. What a fucking moron. The death blow to the nation was the appointment of this cretin to the Presidency. “There was a general lack of awareness. ” No shit.

  4. Is the Daily Currant like the Onion? Is Friday the 13th the new April Fools Day? He apologized *and* he’s now a vegan? This must be a joke, or we’d be reading about it everywhere. Not even funny if it was the Onion. I don’t know what to make of this, but it sure is annoying.

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