Why are people so angry?

Bernie Sanders explains.

The Census Bureau reports:

– The typical middle class family has seen its income go down by more than $5,000 since 1999 after adjusting for inflation.

– Average male workers made $283 less last year than they did 44 years ago.

– Average female workers earned $1,775 less last year than they did in 2007.

– A record breaking 46.5 million Americans lived in poverty last year.

– 16 million children in America (21.8% of all kids in America) lived in poverty last year.

– A higher percentage of American kids lived in poverty last year than in 1965.

– A higher percentage of African Americans lived in poverty last year than 15 years ago.

– 9.1% of seniors lived in poverty last year, higher than in 2009.

– More American seniors were living in poverty last year than in 1972.

– 48 million Americans are uninsured, 3 million more than in 2008.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” – President John F. Kennedy

4 thoughts on “Why are people so angry?

  1. Those are all excellent points. Then there’s Hillary and Bill’s man the angry Leon Panetta who ralied against Obama the other day for not bombing Syria. Panetta followed that with a scathing criticism of Obama for going to Congress ‘before’ he went to war with Syria. By attacking Obama , neo-liberal interventionist (warmonger) Mr. Leon showed his utter contempt for our Constitution. Rest assured that what Panetta said Hillary believes. Some Progressives are also really, really angry that so many dopey people support Hillary for president.

  2. Well, imhotep, enjoy living under the next GOP president (with his full GOP Congress ready to rubberstamp his every policy and nowhere nearly enough Senate Dems to even consider a filibuster) as you and your fellow “angry Progressives” bail on the Dems in favor of some third party that can’t manage to win any substantial election.

  3. Let me see – For a good many years, senior Democratic leadership has moved steadily Right with the assumption that progressive elements in the Party have no where to go and can easily be taken for granted.

    How many drone missles can we imagine say a President Martin Luther King Jr. would have fired off by now?

    Pelosi agreed with Boehner in the House to hold together a group of Representatives to extend further War powers to the President regarding Syria. In actuality, Syria is a serious problem because of serious drought, and that the Syrian leadership cast aside and caused the unemployment of thousands of small farmers in favor a of large Big Ag approach with ruinous demands on groundwater. A motion for a more peaceful approach actually came from a group of Teabagger Republicans – and was defeated. Bombing Syria would have improved the underlying problem exactly how?

    Pelosi agreed with the President that Snowden had broken the law, and needed to be dealt with harshly. From the point of view of the Administration, the terrible crime that had occurred was revealing that the American people were being constantly spied. The spying itself was just business as usual. Obama said ‘he welcomed the debate’ on this issue. Everybody knows he’s lying.

    In describing how we can help the economy recover, President Obama gave an example ‘and so, this person takes out a loan. Now we’ve got $ 10,000 new dollars in the economy’. And that’s how we recover and grow.’

    Really? Debt equals money? Really? Isn’t that what’s killing us? Yet, we should continue to vote for a Party that actually believes greater debt creation is a good thing? Indeed, we should vote for a Party that thinks never-ending and accelerating “growth” is not only good, but can go on forever. Really? I’m supposed to vote for that?

    And, as Obama said a while back, ‘well, we’ll do something about the environment when the economy recovers enough and grows more so that we can afford to do something nice for the environment’.

    Why in God’s name should anybody bother to vote for a party that subscribes to the view that the manmade Economy – the growth of which is utterly dependent on cheap fossil fuel energy – is the great THING, and that the Environment is some little appendage.

    It’s the richness of the Environment that gives rise to the Economy, not the other way around.

    But senior Democratic leadership is in perfect lockstep with the Big banks on this one.

    So – the duty of “angry Progressives” is to solemnly undertake their role of being taken for granted, and to cast aside basic beliefs of what is right and wrong and what is actually causing the great problems of our time, and keep voting “D” because otherwise the boogey man will get them?

    I don’t think so.

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