One in three bank tellers need public assistance


So what’s their excuse this time? With fast food and Walmart, it’s that you’re too stupid to work anywhere else and not worth more money. What do they have to say about the people who run their retail operations?

More Welfare for Wall Street: One in Three Bank Tellers Need Public Assistance (via Moyers & Company)

Big banks eating up taxpayer subsidies isn’t a new story. We heard a lot about the hundreds of billions of dollars doled out to Wall Street in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). And a May analysis by Bloomberg News estimated that the six…

One thought on “One in three bank tellers need public assistance

  1. When taxpayer money is spent to subsidize big business….Walmart, McDonald’s, JP Morgan employees……that’s called good busisness in support of the Capitalist economic system. When it’s spent to help the poor and the unemployed we’re told that the “takers” are extorting their largess from 1% at gunpoint. The reason the Republicans can get away with this convoluted logic and the lies they must tell to convince us of its truth is because they use words like “inimical” to muddy the waters. Those that have will never give to those that have not without being coerced. Which is why the progressive income tax system is so important. And why the flat tax is just one more con offered to us by the 1%.

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