Obama: Not as bad as some people say


I was saying to a friend last night that I really wish there was credible and critical coverage of Obama in the media, because there’s so damned much to criticize. Instead, I spend so much time pointing out that the things he’s accused of so frequently by the wingnuts are factually incorrect. Like right now, I don’t want to defend his crummy healthcare bill but I kinda have to do when they keep saying shit like this –and what really pisses me off is, some people really are being screwed!

A Dexter cancer patient featured in a conservative group’s TV ad campaign denouncing her new health care coverage as “unaffordable” will save more than $1,000 this year under the plan, The Detroit News has learned.

Julie Boonstra, 49, starred last month in an emotional television ad, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity, that implied Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters’ vote for the Affordable Care Act made her medication so “unaffordable” that she could die. Peters of Bloomfield Township is running for an open U.S. Senate seat against Republican Terri Lynn Land.

Boonstra said Monday her new plan she dislikes is the Blue Cross Premier Gold health care plan — which caps patient responsibility for out-of-pocket costs at $5,100 a year, lower than the federal law’s maximum of $6,350 a year. It means the new plan will save her at least $1,200 compared with her former insurance plan she preferred that was ended under Obamacare’s coverage requirements…

Boonstra is the ex-wife of Mark Boonstra, the former Washtenaw County GOP chairman whom Gov. Rick Snyder appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2012. Julie Boonstra said she’s never been a political person…

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  1. “the things he’s accused of . . . by the wingnuts are factually incorrect.” Hence, the term ‘political theater’ and the real purpose of the Rethug Tea Party. Tea baggers (and the cable media too) have no interest in accurate criticism. Obama couldn’t continue his pursuit of the 1%’s agenda without the cover of false accusations.

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