I don’t think this is news

To anyone who’s been paying attention:

A new study led by Michael B. Rothberg of the Cleveland Clinic and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association aimed to measure how much defensive medicine there is, really, and how much it costs. The researchers’ conclusion is that defensive medicine accounts for about 2.9% of healthcare spending. In other words, out of the estimated $2.7-trillion U.S. healthcare bill, defensive medicine accounts for $78 billion.

As Aaron Carroll observes at the AcademyHealth blog, $78 billion is “not chump change … but it’s still a very small component of overall health care spending.” Any “tort reform” stringent enough to make that go away would likely create other costs, such as a rise in medical mistakes generated by the elimination of the oversight exercised by the court system.

The prevalence of defensive medicine may be overestimated by doctors themselves, Rothberg and his colleagues found, because many procedures are ordered in part defensively, but partially or mostly for legitimate diagnostic or therapeutic reasons. “Tort reform” would only eliminate orders made purely because of fear of litigation — that is, 100% defensively — and that’s a tiny percentage of the total.

Tort reform has seldom been about reducing healthcare spending. For Republicans, it’s about de-funding a bloc of reliable Democratic Party supporters — trial lawyers.

That’s why the suppression of malpractice lawsuits has remained part of Republican and conservative orthodoxy despite the evidence that its impact on healthcare spending would be minimal. Even in conservative healthcare pundit Avik Roy’s supposedly objective proposed alternative to the Affordable Care Act (which we examined here), malpractice “reform” retains its pride of place.

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  1. If that’s not news then maybe this is? The ACA has helped 2% of the uninsured obtain health care insurance. So, of the 40 million uninsured Americans prior to the passage of the ACA, 800 thousand of them now have health insurance thanks to the ACA. By anyone’s measure that’s a colossal failure. Overall 10.3 million people are now participating in the ACA. 9.5 million of them (10.3 million – 800 thousand) had health insurance before the ACA became law. Most of the 9.5 million people who had insurance but are now participating in the ACA are receiving subsidies from the government to offset the cost of their health insurance premiums. Viewed objectively the ACA is a massive transfer of wealth from the American taxpayers (99%) to the for-profit health care industry. Thanks Democrats for getting this con job through Congress.

  2. The only thing that right wingers don’t oppose is when Democrats push to go to war. Leon Panetta said yesterday that Obama was wrong for not keeping troops in Iraq. He also said that Obama was wrong to reject his and his good friend and fellow warmonger Hillary’s request to arm the Syrian rebels and to bomb Syria. Panetta’s criticism of Obama was roundly applauded by the right wingers all day today. Right wingers hate the Democrats more than the Sunni’s hate the Shiite’s. By the way the ACA IS that bad.

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