Senate control

Personally, I’d be very, very surprised if the Republicans win control. Just not feeling it. What are you hearing from the people where you live?

Wang is flatly predicting that the probability of Democratic control of the Senate at 93 percent as of today, and 70 percent on Election Day. He summarizes his six core principles of his model at the Princeton Election Consortium. Wang disagrees in his model with the number one election forecasting guru, Nate Silver.


4 thoughts on “Senate control

  1. David Perdue (R) is up by a few points over Michelle Nunn (D) here in Georgia. A good amount of dark money is coming in for Perdue. But, he “misspeaks” a good bit and got a good dressing down from Neil Bush for saying that under Michelle Nunn the Points of Light group gave money to terrorists. he also took a swipe at Karen Handel regarding her lack of a college degree. His business resume looks like Romney’s. There is a good amount of support for Nunn from conservatives in Atlanta and in south Georgia. Then, there is the big problem of SOS Brian Kemp sitting on 51,000 voter registrations from mostly African Americans from a voting drive that has cooperated with Kemp’s office from the start.

  2. Republican Shelly Capito will most likely win and take Rockefeller’s seat in WV. But who gives a crap any more?

  3. Thomas Jefferson said in 1824 that “Men are naturally divided into two parties: (1) those who fear and distrust people…..(2) those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe.” Unfortunately in todays America both the Republicans and the Democrats represent those who fear and distrust people. Who cares which party controls the Senate because both parties represent the same thought process. And that would be the oligarchy (1%).

  4. No Senate seats up for grabs in CT, but Gov. Dannel Malloy (D?!?) is in serious, serious trouble. He’s like Cuomo or Rahm Emmanuel but without the inevitability, and trailing in the polls to Foley (-R-) who is running a worse campaign than when he lost to Malloy last time around.

    I wonder if there isn’t a “throw the bums out” zeitgeist. Nobody likes their money-appointed candidates. I think, because, the implementation of their ideological/kleptocratic policies were doomed to failure, whether they be privatization, Common Core/teachers’ union enervation, corporate fellating, more tax cuts for the wealthy, implementation of Obamacare–or not, while the economy stagnates, there are more bankruptcies, housing sales plummet, retailers go out of business, and everything is basically turning to shit. One interesting, and uniting feature is that the reaction to police in Ferguson was almost universally appalling across the spectrum, like a digital revulsion against the modern-day murder of Crispus Attucks.

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